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OEM Parts Direct from the Manufacturers

Foreign Performance has access to Original Equipment Parts (OEM). We buy directly from the manufacturers in Europe. We order parts everyday and receive shipments the NEXT DAY with NO SHIPPING CHARGES! This creates a big savings in cost, which we pass on to the customer.

Most auto dealers take 3-4 days and still charge shipping fees. We do not use an inflated dealer price structure on our parts, and in most instances, we can beat dealer parts prices.

You Get Parts at a Price that’s Hard to Beat.

All the auto manufacturers in Europe buy parts from several suppliers, and most parts installed on modern cars are not made by the auto manufacturers themselves. Parts are built and packaged differently depending which car company orders them. Then, they are shipped to the american dealers. We buy DIRECTLY from the suppliers that build the parts for the manufacturers, and they also come packaged in the manufacturer’s boxes. That’s what enables us to give you parts at a price that’s hard to beat.

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